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Is Your School Safe From Intruders?

The security of children left in the care of educational facilities has long been a point of contention for many, with parents expecting a certain standard of safety as a given. As such, OFSTED have created a set of guidelines to determine security levels when carrying out inspections of schools … Continue reading

What is IFSEC: IFSEC International 2015

Staying on top of the latest developments, whether new technologies or changes to legislation, is vital for those involved in the security industries. This is what makes events such as IFSEC International so important, offering an opportunity for security experts to come together to share ideas. What is IFSEC? Starting … Continue reading

Social Media: Security Dangers

With the various social media platforms that are prevalent among us all today, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, it is becoming more and more common for us to share our movements without a second thought. Many are under the false impression that their seemingly throwaway musings are being read … Continue reading

Crime Movies Filmed in London

For centuries, London has had a rich history of crime which has been heavily documented in just about every medium. Many movies have taken gritty inspiration from London’s criminal underworld, and what better way to portray the murky goings-on than capturing the city in person? In this piece, we’re taking … Continue reading

The Dangers of Traditional Lock and Key Security

The phrase “under lock and key” means to keep safe and secure, but it is one that perhaps needs updating somewhat.   Locks have provided properties with an element of protection from intruders for hundreds of years, combining simple and effective design with relatively inexpensive production costs. However, the lock … Continue reading

Security Steps that all Businesses should Take

Nothing disrupts business quite like a break-in or a fire. While it may not be an immediate financial issue, so long as correct insurance cover is in place, the impact can have serious negative consequences. With the potential for immeasurable loss or damage of equipment, stock, furniture, access points and … Continue reading

15 Hollywood Blockbusters That Feature Security Surveillance

Security surveillance has long been a cornerstone of media, being central to the plot of many films and books. Whether it’s used to catch long-standing criminals, as a tool of personal justice, or more, you won’t see many movies nowadays that don’t feature security surveillance in some form. In this … Continue reading

What is a PIR Sensor and How does it Work?

The PIR detection technology involved in security systems has changed over the years, with top manufacturers constantly finding new and innovative ways to sense the presence of intruders. One of the most successful to date is the PIR sensor method found in many of the burglar alarm systems installed in … Continue reading

How to Avoid False Fire Alarms

While they are unquestionably a lifesaving addition to any property, not to mention a legal requirement, automatic fire alarms and smoke detectors are sometimes prone to sounding through error – a false alarm. This is not only annoying to those living or working on the premises, it can also be … Continue reading

London’s Most Burgled Towns

With crime statistics so readily available, it’s often quite easy to discover how your area ranks compared to the national average for things like vandalism, street crime and burglary. While the figures may not always reflect your own personal experience, increased crime can have a negative impact on a number … Continue reading