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Save Money on your Home Insurance with an Improved Alarm System

Many of us are becoming more and more prudent with the cost of living, perhaps in the light of recent financial crises that have affected the national and the global economy. Homeowners have become particularly cautious, especially first-time buyers, as this is one area where fluctuating prices can have a … Continue reading

Burglary in the UK at its Peak During the Autumn Period

As the leaves start falling and the nights grow longer, the threat of opportunistic burglars and intruders starts to rise.   Darkness is a thief’s best friend, and when the clocks go back and the sun goes down earlier and earlier each day, it’s time to avoid making your home … Continue reading

AAI Security Systems are now SafeContractor Accredited

When operating in an industry as regulated as security, it is vital that the correct, most relevant accreditation is obtained. From providing customers with assurances that they are in good hands, to demonstrating an adherence to all the necessary industry guidelines and legislation, certification from leading bodies is important for … Continue reading

CCTV Monitoring Through Your Mobile Phone and Tablet

There’s no denying the impact that smartphone technology has had on our daily operations. With instant communication, high quality photography and Internet connectivity in our pockets now considered the norm – not to mention the hundreds of intricately designed apps that aim to make our lives easier. While some uses … Continue reading

What it Takes to Meet the NSI Gold Standard

The security industry requires strict regulation, and ensuring that your business holds the accreditations that indicate high standards is vital. Similarly, as a customer selecting a company to carry out security system installation and maintenance at their premises, certification should be the first thing looked for. Perhaps one of the … Continue reading

BBQ Fire Safety Guide

As a nation, Britain is famed for making the most of every last drop of sunshine.  This is not surprising when you consider how little of it we get throughout the year! From country walks to lounging in the park; when the sun comes out, so do we. Easily among … Continue reading

What is an IP Camera System?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems have long been in place at businesses and homes across the UK, protecting premises by acting both as a visible deterrent and as a tool for police in apprehending criminals. CCTV systems obviously has their advantages, but they also have limitations. From the inflexible storage and monitoring … Continue reading

Home Security When Moving Home

It’s often cited as one of the most stressful things that we do in life, so it’s no surprise that mistakes are often made when we move house, and security might not be as tight as it could be. Whether it’s leaving the front door open while moving belongings from … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Discouraging Burglars

Home security can take a number of different forms, and many of us have some sort of a system in place to help improve the overall safety of our house and possessions. From visible deterrents to CCTV monitoring, there are a range of options open to the every homeowner, so … Continue reading

The Wireless Revolution: Advances in Home Security Systems

As we continue head long into the digital age, developments in technology designed to make our lives easier show no sign of slowing down. This is certainly true of the home security industry, which has been marched into the 21st century with a string of new wireless products that protect … Continue reading