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Choosing the Right Alarm for your Home Protection

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Choosing the Right Alarm for your Home Protection

When it comes to your own home, security is paramount. From ensuring that sufficiently strong locks are fitted, to keeping valuables out of sight, there are a number of steps you can take to increase security around the property.

Perhaps the most effective measure, however, is the installation of a security alarm. Different houses will necessitate different alarm types, and understanding which is most suited to your home is the best way to ensure maximum efficacy.

So which is right for your home?

Bell-Only Systems

As the name might suggest, bell-only systems sound a high-volume alarm when triggered, having the effect of startling the intruder and potentially scaring them off. If your home is in a more densely populated neighbourhood, there is also a greater chance of the alarm call being heard by a neighbour, giving them the opportunity to investigate and contact the police if necessary.

Wireless and remote options are available with most alarm types, allowing for a wide range of detectors, door and window magnetic contacts, triggers for outdoor alarms, vibration sensors and 4-digit keypad/remote control options. In some cases, alarms can be set/cancelled remotely via Smartphones or through an internet connection.

Bell-only systems are often suited to these types of location, especially if nothing of very great value (besides a few electronics and sentimental items) are kept in the house. Installation can be carried out without the need for a specialist alarm company, although this is highly inadvisable for those without the correct knowledge.

Monitored Alarms

Where bell systems may shock an opportunistic intruder into fleeing from the scene, or occasionally alert a neighbour or passerby to the break-in in progress, monitored alarms provide a whole extra layer of security. With the triggering of an alarm, a central monitoring station is alerted, allowing for the emergency services to be contacted if the cause is deemed legitimate. This is reliant on the monitoring centre being approved by the local police force, and if multiple false alarms result in emergency call-outs, the alarm could have its accreditation removed pending appeal.

A signal can be sent in a number of ways, including via a landline or broadband mediums (the latter being up to four times faster than the former), and must be installed by qualified, NSI-approved professionals.

Many security companies, such as AAI Security Systems, will also manage the monitoring of these alarms, and can add monitoring features to existing, bell-only setups. Monitored alarms are ideal for larger properties, especially those in isolated areas or that may contain sensitive and expensive items.

Whatever the nature of your premises may be, from residential to commercial, AAI Security Systems can provide decades of expertise in the industry, advising you on the correct alarm type for your property. Our expert team are on hand to carry out free surveys to determine your needs, providing you with a detailed quotation and performing all installation and maintenance of NSI-approved alarms to the highest standard. Get in touch with AAI Security Systems today to find out more.



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