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Is Your School Safe From Intruders?

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Is Your School Safe From Intruders?

The security of children left in the care of educational facilities has long been a point of contention for many, with parents expecting a certain standard of safety as a given.

As such, OFSTED have created a set of guidelines to determine security levels when carrying out inspections of schools nationwide, and there are a number of steps that educational facilities are expected to take in order to increase physical security throughout their premises.

School Safety

While some schools may have a little trouble in keeping their students in, it’s protecting them from intruders that will always be the bigger concern. However, there are a range of solutions available that can put the minds of parents and staff at ease.

Monitored alarms are an ideal way to increase school security. Being able to detect the cause of a triggered alarm is vital when children are involved, as the root could range from a genuine error through to an unaccredited intruder gaining entry to the site. Monitored alarms also allow for an external monitoring company to keep an eye on the school’s security out of hours, contacting the emergency services if untoward activity is detected.

Another effective step towards securing school environments is the use of CCTV. Sometimes a contentious point where children are involved, the potential security benefits of CCTV systems cannot be denied. Inside of the classroom, teachers and assistants are able to keep an eye on the kids, ensuring safety. However, outside within the school grounds, this isn’t always possible. With monitored CCTV, any potentially dangerous situation that occurs can be stopped before it develops into a serious incident, whether that’s the identification of non-accredited persons on site or a heated encounter that looks like it may escalate into violence. CCTV can also be used in evidence after the act, or to assist in any police investigations should the worst occur. Security experts, such as those at AAI Security Systems, will be able to advise you on the legal requirements that go hand-in-hand with the installation of CCTV within the school environment.

Alarms and CCTV systems, especially when clearly visible, can act as an effective deterrent against both break-ins and even other crimes, such as arson and general vandalism. However, during the daytime, while the school is open and occupied, opportunistic crimes are far less likely. This doesn’t mean that intruders are no longer a threat, especially during break times and lunch hours when there are people out and about in the playground. In these scenarios, access control and door entry systems play a key role in ensuring that only those with the correct accreditation may enter the grounds. Access systems allow for screening of visitors with the help of A/V calling capabilities, while effective key management means that different levels of access can be granted to those with sufficient clearance.

AAI Security Systems are leading providers, installers and maintainers of a wide range of monitored alarms, CCTV and door entry systems. Our team are on hand to apply their experience to the security needs of all schools, performing full site surveys to determine what systems may be required and advising accordingly. We are able to provide monitoring services for alarm systems, whether installed by us or existing within the premises. Get in touch today to find out more.



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