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What is the Likelihood of a Burglary at your Home?

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What is the Likelihood of a Burglary at your Home?

Crime statistics play an important role in many aspects of modern life; from the purchasing of new homes to the distribution of police and crime prevention budgets.

With two primary measurements of crime levels available in the UK (official police statistics and estimations made by the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales), figures can often be manipulated to tell different stories.

Current Crime Levels

It is generally agreed that the level of crime has fallen steadily across the UK since a mid-1990s peak, with burglary among those to see a decline. The UK Crime Survey recorded a 32-year low in the rate of break-ins between 2013-14, with levels estimated to remain reduced for the coming year due to advances in home technology.

“Home Office statistics show that there is still one break-in every 40 seconds in the UK”

Home security is very much an ongoing concern despite the improvement. Money continues to be the most stolen item from home burglaries, accounting for almost half of all thefts from residential properties, while jewellery, computers and other electronics make up the next few spots on the list.

Most break-ins are opportunistic and brief, which is why money is always the most commonly stolen item – it’s easier to grab some cash then it is to escape with a TV. The rise in portable electronics, such as laptops and smartphones, makes these attractive targets for burglars, leading to a growth in the number of home computers stolen over the last ten years.

Home Security

It’s no surprise that those homes without window locks and double locks or deadlocks on exterior doors are up to six times more likely to suffer a break-in, and urban areas have always been more susceptible to house burglaries than their rural counterparts, with statistics suggesting that inner-city properties face approximately double the risk.

The London Metropolitan region consistently posts the highest number of burglaries per year, seeing an average of around three times the number of break-ins than those occurring in Manchester or the West Midlands.

There are a number of different ways to protect your home from being burgled, with a combination of these methods proving the most effective. From the commonsense techniques (keeping doors and windows closed and locked, leaving lights on while out, keeping valuables out of sight etc) to the more specialised (door entry systems, CCTV, security alarms etc), being able to identify where the vulnerable areas are on your property and taking steps to strengthen them is the best defence against a break-in.

AAI Security Systems are the leading providers of burglar alarms across London and the Home Counties, calling on over 50 years of experience in the industry to ensure the highest quality products and services. Our expert team are on hand to create a home security system tailored to your exact needs, carrying out all supply, installation and maintenance. Get in touch today to find out more.



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