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Top 5 Tips for Discouraging Burglars

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Top 5 Tips for Discouraging Burglars

Home security can take a number of different forms, and many of us have some sort of a system in place to help improve the overall safety of our house and possessions.

From visible deterrents to CCTV monitoring, there are a range of options open to the every homeowner, so the security experts at AAI Security Systems have drawn up a few of the best for your consideration…


  1. Burglar Alarms

Let’s start with the most obvious and, in many cases, the most effective weapon against break-ins: intruder alarms. With a wide range available to suit all needs, whether a monitored alarm system that will call a security company when triggered or a simple bell alarm that make a noise loud enough to scare thieves away, burglar alarms are ideal for the majority of domestic and commercial properties that need protecting. Not only do they alert people to an on-going robbery, they also act as strong deterrents when clearly visible outside a property.


  1. Lighting – External & Internal

The key to deterring opportunistic thieves is to not allow the premises to look like an easy target, and the simplest way of doing so is to make the property look occupied. Lighting goes a long way towards achieving this, and both inside and outside lighting can play a part.

Externally, motion sensor lights can illuminate any thieves attempting to conceal their movements, potentially spooking them into leaving the area, while internal lighting will make it look like there’s someone home. There are even some devices available that mimic a TV in use, with that familiar glow visible to intruders through the curtains.


  1. Dogs (& “Dog” Alarms)

If there’s one thing that instantly puts off a burglar, it’s the sound of a vicious dog somewhere in the house. This doesn’t have to mean you going out and buying a new pet purely for home security reasons however, as there is now a range of “watchdog alarm” systems that emit realistic sounding dog barks when a motion sensor is triggered.


  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Opportunism is at the root of many break-ins, so don’t give an intruder any indication as to what’s inside your home or office. Keep all valuables well out of sight, closing curtains after dark and putting laptops and jewellery in cupboards, drawers or boxes when not in use.


  1. Fences & Locks

The more difficult the access to your building, the more reluctant a burglar will be to attempt a break-in. This means that having a robust fence around the site, particularly at a commercial or industrial property, will put off all but the hardiest intruders – especially if they have to scale a considerable height or navigate past sharp edges or vandal paint.

Similarly, skilled burglars will be able to break basic locks in seconds, so having a visible deadlock fitted to your doors will make them think twice.


AAI Security Systems are experts when it comes to protecting properties from the threat of burglary. Our selection of burglar alarms can be tailored to suit the needs of any residential or commercial environment, with wireless options and monitored systems available. We also provide high quality CCTV options with both analogue and IP cameras and digital storage providing evidence against vandals.

Our prices are highly competitive for the London region. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with AAI Security Systems today to find out more, or to request a free site survey and quote.


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