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What Type of Business Needs an Access Control System?

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What Type of Business Needs an Access Control System?

Keeping businesses safe from unauthorised access is often at the forefront of employers’ minds, and being able to control who can come and go and in which areas goes a long way towards achieving this.

Access Control Systems

It’s not just secure locks, alarms and CCTV that can help to improve security; new technology can also play a key role, providing business owners and building managers with flexible, safe and efficient ways in which to grant access to specific areas within working premises.

Whether a straightforward way of giving staff access to a main entrance without the need for an orthodox key, or as a way to segregate out access to more restricted areas around the premises, access control systems play a vital role in many modern businesses.

As well as electronic keycard/keypad entry systems that can be programmed and reprogrammed as access authority changes, access control systems are available that also provide audio and video screening, allowing for monitoring of those attempting to gain entry to the property.

Advanced Security

Access control systems provide enhanced security. Unlike more orthodox locks, key cards can be barred from the system if lost or stolen, ensuring that no unauthorised access is granted.

Those businesses that require different levels of security will benefit greatly from access control systems. For example, large technology firms with potentially expensive equipment in operation may want to restrict access to these areas to just the staff that work in them, while office buildings with sensitive documents or archives will need an extra layer of security for these rooms to keep them protected.

Businesses that Benefit from Access Control

While often seen in many larger premises, such as expansive office buildings or civil authority buildings, all businesses can benefit from access control systems. In the unfortunate event that a workplace incident occurs, such as a physical attack or a break-in, access control systems can show who was in which area at any given time by storing any data referring to comings and goings.

Similarly, knowing who is in the building at any given time can be lifesaving in the event of a fire – if there is someone who isn’t present at the assembly point that should be, you will know quickly.

While some companies are uncomfortable with the micro-management possibilities offered by employees “clocking in” and “clocking out” through their access cards, schools may find this beneficial as a way to keep tabs on students. Not only will the data from access systems allow for monitoring of attendance and punctuality, the technology will also help to protect school children from the threat of unauthorised intruders. This is especially pertinent in primary schools, where entrances and exits to the property will need to be carefully controlled.

AAI Security Systems provide high-quality access control systems to businesses across London and the surrounding areas, calling on over 26 years in the industry to offer the very best service to all customers.

Whether you are looking to control access to the premises as a whole, or to individual rooms, our team can help to design a control system that’s perfectly suited to the needs of the property, providing protection that’s far superior to standard lock and key methods.

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