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The Wireless Revolution: Advances in Home Security Systems

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The Wireless Revolution: Advances in Home Security Systems

As we continue head long into the digital age, developments in technology designed to make our lives easier show no sign of slowing down.

This is certainly true of the home security industry, which has been marched into the 21st century with a string of new wireless products that protect your home in ways that were not possible previously.

We have picked out a few of the more interesting bits of new technology for you to consider…

1. Wireless Programming and Monitoring

Nowadays, we’re lost without our smartphones and tablet devices, using them for everything from communication, surfing the internet, banking, gaming and more. So it should come as no surprise that there is now a downloadable app that allows for remote monitoring of your alarm system directly from your mobile.

The technology not only provides convenience, it also allows users to control and monitor security cameras remotely to check on current home security status.

The same technology also exists in apps that can alter lighting and other electrical equipment from outside of the home, keeping up the appearance of people being in your property while you are away.

2. Remote Notification

Similar to the apps mentioned above, it is now possible to get alerts sent straight to your phone in the form of a text message or email if your security system or alarm is triggered in any way. When used in combination with remote monitoring technology, this allows you to check on the nature of the alarm and act accordingly, such as contacting the emergency services for a break in.

Advanced versions of this notification technology also allow for strong weather warnings for any storms or high winds that may threaten your home.

3. Wireless, Easy to Install Sensors

Installing alarm sensors have always posed a problem, as the wires required to connect them often prove an issue. Although not a fancy downloadable app, new wireless sensors present one of the more practically beneficial bits of new alarm technology.

Not only does the lack of wires make the initial installation much simpler, it also allows for alterations to the placement of your sensors and alarms if required.

4. Remote Door Locks

Some more smartphone fun with this one. Being able to unlock your front door remotely while at work or on holiday allows you to let in friends or family without the need for cutting a spare key, or letting delivery people in to drop off packages (although this presents its own security risks, and should only be done if you have a porch and a locked front door within it!)

Here at AAI Security Systems, we supply and install a wide range of wireless security solutions, allowing us to tailor a system that’s unique to your requirements. Our wireless equipment includes detectors, triggers, remote control options and more, and AAI are fully approved by relevant organisations, including the National Security Inspectorate and the British Security Industry Association.

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