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Why it’s Worthwhile to get CCTV for your Home

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Why it’s Worthwhile to get CCTV for your Home

There are a number of steps you can take to increase the level of security at your home, from alarms to access systems, keeping away opportunistic and professional thieves alike.

CCTV is another such method for protecting your property – a particularly effective one at that. Being able to monitor your home brings a number of benefits, both as a deterrent to crime and as a method of collecting evidence should a crime take place.

Residential CCTV

While once thought of as the keep of commercial properties or big warehouses and industrial parks, CCTV has become more and more of a common feature in homes up and down the country.

With developments in home security technology, it is now much cheaper to protect a property using CCTV equipment than it was previously. Monitoring can even take place via a smartphone, so that you can keep an eye on your house wherever you may be. This is also a bonus for those with monitored alarms, allowing you to see whether a triggered alarm is genuine or false.


One of the biggest features of CCTV security is the visual deterrent that the equipment provides. Whether with the sight of a surveillance camera on the side of a house, or with signs warning of CCTV monitoring, opportunistic thieves will be immediately put off when considering breaking into the property.

This provides great peace of mind when you are away from your home at work or on holiday.


The other main benefit to using residential CCTV is the potential use of the footage in the aftermath of a crime.

Surveillance footage can be a great help for authorities investigating a break-in, and can even be used as evidence in court, providing that the images are clear enough for police to identify the culprits.

Other Benefits

As well as the obvious advantages mentioned above, installing CCTV in your home has other benefits, too. In some cases, CCTV (and any other equipment that improves home security) can see house insurance premiums lowered to reflect the added protection it provides. This can help to offset the initial outlay needed to have CCTV systems installed.

With the range of equipment now available on the market, it is possible to have a CCTV system fitted that meets the exact requirements of your home. This is important to maximise the efficacy of the cameras and monitoring devices, as well as to ensure that sufficiently high-quality images are captured for use in any insurance claims or burglary investigations.

With decades of experience in the industry, AAI Security Systems supply and install a wide range of CCTV systems across London and the Home Counties. Whether for residential or commercial properties, our expert team are on hand to tailor a CCTV solution to your needs, with full installation and testing of every unit.

Get in touch today to find out more about the CCTV services offered by AAI Security Systems.



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