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Best Ways to Secure Your Shed

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Best Ways to Secure Your Shed

Recent statistics have indicated that approximately 22,500 shed burglaries occurred in England and Wales from 2014 to 2018. 

When it comes to home security, the shed may not be your utmost concern. You might think there’s nothing in it worth stealing, but the total value of a shed’s contents are often higher than people expect. Plus, sheds typically lack the security features afforded to the rest of the home. 

This article will provide vital tips for securing your shed.

ways to secure your shed

Replace weak locks

Burglars will be on the lookout for weak locks or clasps that can be easily broken. 

  • Most sheds come with basic locks with very little security. To increase the security of your shed, you should replace your lock with a hasp and padlock.
  • For added security, consider an electronic door lock.
  • Be wary of how secure you make your sheds. Using multiple locks on your shed may suggest that it is storing expensive goods.

Replace old hinges

Older hinges may have become loose or exposed, making them easy to unscrew.

  • Replace all old hinges with a new set that have non-removable pins.
  • To bolster your hinges even further, replace the screws with nuts and bolts and superglue the two together on the inside of the door.

Restore loose slats

Natural dilapidation will result in weak or loose slats. Intruders could remove these to make an entry into your shed.

  • Re-secure any slats have loosened.
  • Replace all slats that snapped or chipped.
  • Patch up any holes.

Improve lighting

Burglars will be attracted to sheds situated in dark areas. 

  • Install extra lighting on your home. 
  • If you’re unable to install extra lighting, consider moving your shed to an area that can be monitored from inside your home.
  • For added protection, install motion-detection lighting. This will alert you to a potential intruder without the need for constant monitoring.

Add alarms

An alarm will protect your shed twofold; it will deter most criminals from attempting a break-in, and it will alert you to the suspect if they do persist.

  • Residential intruder alarms can be fitted to the windows and doors of the shed. Wireless alarms are recommended for outdoor use. 
  • If you’re often out of the house, a monitored alarm system will ensure you or the relevant emergency services are alerted during an attempted break-in.  

Introduce CCTV

Burglars are less likely to target a shed monitored by CCTV due to the threat of lingering evidence.

  • If you already have a monitored home security system, you can extend it to include the shed.
  • Ensure your camera is always recording and that it has night vision capabilities. 

AAI Security Systems offer NSI-approved protection for homes and businesses across London. From multi-storey buildings to garden sheds, we offer suitable security solutions for all needs and budgets. We offer burglar alarms, fire alarm services, CCTV systems and more. With over 30 years in operation as a premier security company, you can trust us to protect your home, your assets and your family.

We won’t be beaten on price. In fact, we promise to beat any like-for-like quotation. Call us today to find out more about our services and begin protecting your home.


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