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Upgrade your Alarm System to DigiAir

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Upgrade your Alarm System to DigiAir

As the old philosophical question goes; if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Whichever side of the fence you sit in regards to that particular puzzler, it is indisputable that if a ‘bells only’ security alarm is triggered and no one can hear it, your property may well be vulnerable to intruders.

Many businesses suffer this fate, with triggered alarms going unchecked for hours at a time through the night or the weekend. That’s why monitored alarms are so important for premises across the country, allowing for any alarm signal to be picked up remotely by an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) and the property owner notified.


One of the leading products in the world of monitored alarms is DigiAir: an integral (and award-winning) part of the CSL DualCom Security range that has proven to be a groundbreaking step forward for security products.

When an alarm is triggered, DigiAir operates like many monitored alarms – i.e. sending a signal to a centralised ARC, ensuring that the alarm call doesn’t go unnoticed. However, unlike other alarms that use telephone lines to send this signal, DigiAir utilises all mobile phone networks via a WorldSIM.

This makes DigiAir the most reliable wireless communicator of its kind, eliminating call costs and the risk of phone lines being out of action. The technology also means that it is unaffected by Next Generation Networks (NGNs), giving longevity to the DigiAir system.

CSL have also applied their Gemini Insight reporting technology for DigiAir, providing a graphical interface to present a detailed reading of all alarm systems on a given premises. This allows for the monitoring of any triggered alarms, as well as gain an idea as to performance of the system as a whole, indicating whether improvements need to be made to certain areas.

CSL DigiAir

The CSL DualCom Group, the company behind the creation of DigiAir, are internationally recognised as one of the premier providers of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

Perhaps best known for their creation of dual signalling – a mix of fixed-line and GPRS mobile technology signalling – CSL have gone on to develop their DualCom range into the UK’s highest-selling dual signalling system.

CSL’s products can be found up and down the country in a range of retail and commercial environments, keeping businesses and people safe.

AAI Security Systems

As part of our close working ties with CSL, here at AAI we are pleased to be able to offer DigiAir at a promotional discounted rate, providing an upgrade to those with a ‘bells only’ system.

With the DigiAir’s utilisation of wireless signalling, operating through a multi-network WorldSIM that uses mobile phone networks instead of telephone lines to ensure that the signal is guaranteed to reach the ARC, your premises will experience an enhanced standard of security.

The DigiAir takes away the costs incurred by telephone line-based monitored alarm systems, where charges may be generated for resetting or activation, by using purely radio (GPRS) to submit the alarm signal.

For more information about our DigiAir offer, or any of the wireless alarm systems we install and maintain, get in touch with AAI Security Systems today.



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