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Is a Lock Enough?

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Is a Lock Enough?

Securing any home or business against the threat of vandalism and theft is a priority for all property owners, and increasing the number of ways in which a building is protected is the best way to deter any unwanted intruders.

Locks are a good place to start, and ensuring that you have the correct lock for your needs will go a long way towards putting off burglars.

Often, particularly for those living or working in areas where crime levels are statistically high and the threat of a break-in is increased, simply fitting the property with a decent lock is sometimes not sufficient to avoid a burglary from occurring.

Some locks, especially deadbolt locks opened with a key, are at risk from the threat of being picked. Others that rely on some form of technology, such as fingerprint scanners, are not always 100% stable, and come become inoperable in bad weather or, in the case of keypad locks, can have combinations forgotten.

So what steps can be taken to fully secure your home or workplace?

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are the tried-and-tested method of securing any building from the threat of intruders. As well as drawing attention to anyone attempting to break into a building, they also act as an effective visual and audible deterrent.

Alarms relieve some of the potential security risks that could come about as a result of human error. For example, forgetting to lock up when leaving work at night or the house in the morning is a common occurrence for some, especially when there are kids around to distract you. The extra step of having to set an alarm helps to prompt the memory into also locking the door as part of the process.

Some weaker locks are vulnerable to attack from lockpicks, or those that might attempt to simply break the lock by force. If this level of security is bypassed by the intruder, an alarm will be sufficient to alert others as to their activity and potentially scare them off.


As with alarm systems, CCTV systems are effective as a visible deterrent, but also offers the added bonus of providing footage in the event of an incident that can be used as part of any resulting investigation.

Break-ins are often nothing to do with doors at all, as many burglars will opt to identify a vulnerable window instead. Windows are not always equipped with locks, leaving the property exposed if no further security is in place.

As an advanced security method, CCTV monitoring can also help to lower insurance premiums, saving your business money while keeping it protected.

Locks are a vital part of the security of any property, but often they are not enough of a deterrent on their own. Consider expanding the protection of your premises with security alarms and CCTV.

AAI Security Systems are the leading providers of burglar alarms, access control systems and CCTV across London and the surrounding areas.

From wireless, remote or monitored alarms, to digital video recording with hours’ worth of high quality footage stored, we can tailor a security system to the specific needs of your property to ensure that you are protected from the threat of burglary and vandalism.

If you are looking to improve the security at your home or business, speak to a member of our team today.


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