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All Enquiries:0208 207 0900

Protect your Garage from Intruders

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Protect your Garage from Intruders

While we all make considerations towards home security to some extent, more often than not this takes the form of house alarms, securely locked windows and doors, and general vigilance against intruders.

However, there are some areas of the home that often get overlooked when it comes to security, and these can be the most vulnerable to break-ins. Garages are a prime example of this, and failing to secure yours properly could negate any home security features you may have in place elsewhere on the property.

Lower quality automatic/electric garage doors can be bypassed quite easily by a thief with half an idea as to what they’re doing – often using something as simple as a coat hanger. Similarly, leaving the remote for your garage door inside your car provides an extra incentive for a spot of opportunistic vehicle theft.

Basic Garage Door Security

Just as you would in your home, leave valuables well out of sight if stored in your garage. Consider frosted glass for windows or simply take anything you think might be attractive to thieves inside your home when not in use (unless it’s your car, obviously…)

Connecting Doors

Some garages are connected to homes through an internal doorway, and these provide an additional point of entry into the house for intruders. Even the strongest residential garage doors will buckle under enough force, so extra deadlocks on these internal doors are a must in this scenario. Imagine that the door connecting your home and your garage is your front door, and apply security measures accordingly.

Security Features

CCTV doesn’t just have to protect your home – why not position a camera onto your garage as well? It’s not just the possibility of catching and capturing someone in the act of a break-in that CCTV offers, the cameras also provide a fairly strong visible deterrent, too.

Alarm systems designed to protect your home can easily be extended to your garage. Speak to a burglar alarm expert, such as AAI Security Systems, to determine your options regarding securing your garage, and always opt for an NSI-approved system to ensure maximum performance.

Neighbourhood Vigilance

Be diligent in the face of suspicious activity taking place around the garages of neighbours. This might not be as obvious as simply notifying the authorities if you see someone kicking their way into a garage; an open garage with a van parked outside doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, but could in reality be a brazen break-in in progress. Hopefully, your neighbours will return the favour and keep an eye on your property while you’re out.

AAI Security Systems are the leading experts in home security within the London and Home Counties area. With over 25 years in the industry, our experts have the skills and experience necessary to provide full security for your property and its contents, from alarms to CCTV and door entry systems.

Get in touch today to find out how AAI can help you to protect your garage from intruders.


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