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Protecting Your Children From Home Intruders

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Protecting Your Children From Home Intruders

We all want to feel like we can be safe in our own homes, and when there are children involved, security becomes an absolute necessity. While security alarms and similar deterrents are an important part of any home’s protection, there are a few extra steps you can take to increase safety when young people have to be considered. 


While you can do everything in your power to put up sufficient defences against intruders, it is easy to forget to explain to your children what steps they can take should a break-in occur. Without scaring small children, calmly explain the dangers of letting strangers into the home, and demonstrate how to call 999 for those old enough to use a phone.

For older children, discuss how it can be risky to post movements on social media pages – particularly talking about holidays and other times that indicate the house will be empty. 

Neighbourhood Awareness

Being in-the-know about recent criminal activity in the area, whether through publicly accessible statistics or by following local news reports, can help you to tailor your home security accordingly. For example, if there has been suspicious door-to-door salesman activity in the area, it could indicate casing being carried out by potential intruders. Be vigilant in these situations, and always request to see ID. Instruct any young children not to answer the door to unknown callers, and any older children to immediately get a parent if salespeople knock.

Emergency Calls

While it is largely preventable, it may be the case that your child is the only one able to react to a break-in. In these situations, ensuring that they know how to contact the relevant emergency services could be potentially life-saving. Practice simulation 999 calls with children old enough to use the telephone, and be sure that they know your home address and telephone number off-by-heart in case they need to relay this information to police or ambulance services.

Door Security

Locking doors and windows and arming alarm systems as we leave the house might be second nature to us, but children will need a little extra prompting when it comes to keeping on top of security. Other than drilling it into them as part of their daily routine, there are also a number of automated locking options available that could ensure safety is upheld, regardless of your kids’ behaviour. Some door entry and alarm systems now allow for remote locking and arming respectively, through computer systems or smartphones, so you can keep your home secure from anywhere in the world.  

AAI Security Systems provide leading home and business security services throughout London and the Home Counties, designing, installing and maintaining a wide range of burglar alarms that suit all requirements. From wireless alarms to remote monitoring, our expert team are on hand to help determine the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with AAI Security Systems today to find out more.


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