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Existing Clients: 0208 207 0900
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Save Money on your Home Insurance with an Improved Alarm System

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Save Money on your Home Insurance with an Improved Alarm System

Many of us are becoming more and more prudent with the cost of living, perhaps in the light of recent financial crises that have affected the national and the global economy.

Homeowners have become particularly cautious, especially first-time buyers, as this is one area where fluctuating prices can have a serious impact.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce the costs involved with owning property, some as simple as making a few improvements to its security…

Why fit an alarm?

The most obvious way to reduce the risk of crime occurring at your home is to have an alarm system installed (or your current one improved).

The benefits of this are two-fold: not only do you keep your home and its contents protected from the threat of burglary, you will also reduce the cost of your home insurance. Similar to the way in which car insurers reduce premiums depending on the experience of the driver or how safely the car is parked overnight, home insurance companies reward those who take steps to secure their home from the threat of intruders.

Visible alarms on the exterior of homes and businesses act as a great deterrent to opportunistic thieves, and nothing puts an end to a robbery in progress quicker than a loud and urgent alarm call.

What type of alarm do I need?

Some insurers will not simply accept any old house alarm; many will request industry approved systems installed by qualified and accredited professionals, such as AAI Security Systems, who will be able to design an alarm tailored to the needs of your property.

The more prominent your alarm system is, the more likely it is to put off would-be intruders. While alarms are effective for alerting you to a break-in, if you can cut these off at the source instead then you can increase your no-claims discount with your insurer, creating another avenue for saving money.

Further steps

While CCTV systems are another good way to improve security at commercial properties, they are not always considered by home insurers when providing a quote, simply because they are not commonplace at most homes.

Security lighting is recognised however, and is another great way to reduce the likelihood of your house being a target for thieves, as is Neighbourhood Watch membership which can see up to 5% taken off insurance premiums.

As one of the leading providers of burglar alarms, fire safety equipment, access control systems and CCTV in London and the surrounding areas, AAI Security Systems are perfectly placed to improve the safety of your property.

Whether you’re looking to fit a new alarm or improve an existing one, our expert team are on hand to provide advice and assistance. We can design the system that most meets your needs, from wireless to monitored alarms. For more information, or to request a free site survey and quotation, get in touch with AAI Security Systems today.


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