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The Dangers of Traditional Lock and Key Security

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The Dangers of Traditional Lock and Key Security

The phrase “under lock and key” means to keep safe and secure, but it is one that perhaps needs updating somewhat.  

Locks have provided properties with an element of protection from intruders for hundreds of years, combining simple and effective design with relatively inexpensive production costs.

However, the lock and key system has never been completely safe, with the threat of forced entry or picked locks forever present.

So just what are the dangers of traditional lock and key security?

Lock Risks

Unless they are high-security models, any lock is vulnerable to being opened by a professional. In fact, it doesn’t require much experience to pick a standard deadlock or handle lock, with the main aim of these security measures to prevent entry via force.

6 pin locks will be harder to pick than 5 pick versions, and keeping the lock lubricated will stop the pins from sticking and therefore catching at the “shear” line, but these methods will generally only slow a determined intruder down.

Despite the noise-generating aspect of the method, ‘bumping’ locks using specialised keys – whereby a quick ‘bump’ means that the key pins are jolted upwards for a fraction of a second onto the driver pins – is a common practice of many criminals, and makes deadlocks particularly vulnerable.

Safer Alternatives

While there are different types of lock that provide much-increased security, particularly those that employ the use of specialised technology, the best alternative to a lock and key is a security system that combines a number of different elements.

For example, burglar alarms provide another layer of security – both as an alert and as a deterrent – on top of locks, putting off the vast majority of opportunistic criminals. Depending on the premises, monitored alarms allow for external companies to check on the status of triggered alarms, contacting either the key holder or police where necessary.

Door entry control systems allow for building owners to determine who has access to particular parts of the premises, with different key cards for different areas. Digital door entry systems reduce the need for standard keys, removing the risk of locks being ‘bumped’.

A combination of all of the above, along with high-quality locks, is the best way to avoid the dangers of the simple lock and key security method, keeping your property and its contents safe from break-ins.

AAI Security Systems are the leading providers of security alarms and access/entry systems across London and the South East. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, you can rely on AAI to keep your home or business safe from the threat of intruders by supplying, installing and maintaining the most appropriate security system for your property’s needs. Whether monitored alarms or access control systems that you can alter as and when needed, our team are on hand to provide advice and assistance.

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