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Why you need to Burglarproof your Doors

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Why you need to Burglarproof your Doors

There are few things more important than feeling safe in your own home, which is why protecting it from break-ins and vandalism should be made a top priority.

There are a number of ways of doing this, from ensuring that sufficient alarm systems are in place to installing CCTV to collect evidence of a robbery while also providing a visual deterrent. Fundamentally, however, there should be a focus on reducing the vulnerability of any potential entry point, such as windows, garages and, most obviously, front and back doors.

Burglar-proofing your Doors

While security features have consistently improved in most homes over the last couple of decades, a door that’s vulnerable to a swift kick or a crowbarring will always be attractive to an opportunistic thief.

 Door Material

It may seem like stating the obvious, but ensuring that you have a door that can withstand a bit of force should be made a major priority. Any form of hollow wooden door is instantly at risk, and should be replaced, by either fibreglass or solid wood. Try to avoid large window sections that could easily be smashed to gain entry.


A door could be made of titanium metal, but if insufficient attention is paid to the hinges then it will make no difference to an intruder. First of all, hinges should not be on the exterior of the doorway (common sense), where they could be attacked by a chisel, screwdriver or other levering tool. Secondly, many doors will be hung by only three hinges. Adding an extra hinge between the existing top and middle ones, and another between the middle and bottom, will greatly increase the combined strength – particularly if they are made from stainless steel.


As with hinges, a door is only as strong as its locks. With this in mind, investing in a solid deadlock is the best way to ensure that the door is not vulnerable to being pried open. It’s not just the quality of the bolt itself, however. Paying attention to the strength and durability of the strike plate is also important, with metal housing recommended. Additional bolts at the top and bottom of the door will always help to strengthen it, too.

Additional Options

While strengthening the physical integrity of the door is often priority number one, there are a number of steps that can be taken to further improve security. Door entry systems allow for strict access controls – particularly useful for larger commercial properties – meaning that key card access can be granted to authorised persons, and cancelled automatically in the event of theft or loss.

Access control and door entry systems can range from keycard controls to being able to hear and see who is trying to enter the premises, and advice as to which is most suitable for your needs should be sought from a reputable and approved company such as AAI Security Systems.

AAI Security Systems provide a wide range of high quality security options for homes and businesses throughout London and the Home Counties. From burglar alarms tailored to your needs to full CCTV and door entry systems, our expert team are on hand to provide advice and assistance as to the ideal setup for you. Get in touch today to arrange a free site survey, or to find out more.


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